We Heart Seattle’s boots-on-the-ground approach makes a difference, day by day, needle by needle

PRESS RELEASE – August 2, 2021? 

We Heart Seattle hosted another weekend clean-up on Sunday at the NE Queen Anne Greenbelt trail. More than 40 volunteers continued the painstaking work of reclaiming this once lush area from years of illegal dumping and neglect. Clocking in 1,000+ labor hours to date at this site alone, We Heart Seattle collected an additional 6,800 pounds of trash (bringing the total at this site to more than 40,000 pounds) along with some 1,000+ needles. See the fruits of We Heart Seattle’s hard work here.

We Heart Seattle founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez commented “We are all compassionate members of the community with a bias for action. We plan to keep showing up in parks and public spaces across the city to make a difference.”  Indeed, over this past weekend, We Heart Seattle volunteers were also hard at work picking litter at Green Lake and removing graffiti at the Lake City Mini-Park.

We Heart Seattle welcomes collaboration with anyone and everyone in their effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all. To date, the group has organized more than 80 clean-up events across the city and is adding more to their calendar weekly.? 

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director, We Heart Seattle?



WHS Events:?www.facebook.com/groups/weheartseattle/events

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