High Impact Volunteering

We’re looking to expand our group of high-impact volunteers — key roles, board positions and more. If you’re interested in a significantly responsible role, see the information and application form below.

A “high impact volunteer” makes a meaningful long-term commitment to take on a specific responsibility. Most of these roles will require special vetting, training or utilize strict policies and procedures to make sound decisions. Along with a commitment to our mission and values, the high impact volunteer’s decisions and actions will need to represent our core values. The role might be an individual responsibility or a productive member of a team or committee. In this role you might be a team leader, committee chair or advisor to the board of directors.

Serving with We Heart Seattle as a high impact volunteer or board director can be a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You will be part of a movement with the potential to disrupt long-entrenched Seattle systems for the better. You will be part of a special movement that will make a difference every day.

High Impact Role Examples

Here are some examples of high impact volunteer roles which may vary depending on skillsets. We hope you consider volunteering.

  • Board Directors-at-large – interpret the organization’s work and values to the community and promote the organization. Attend board meetings, committee meetings, and special events.
  • Government and Nonprofit Agency Liaisons – ensure transparent and productive relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Governance and Nominations Committee Members – create agency documents and evaluate board director and high impact volunteer candidates.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – keep track of volunteers and ensuring effective volunteer deployment at our community events.
  • Transportation Team Drivers – provide safe transportation for dump runs, supplies, and possibly transporting people with their belongings. Training in safe procedures and possessing adequate auto insurance are required.
  • Park Ambassadors – oversee specific parks and get to know the park users parks to make sound decisions about potential actions in alignment with our standard operating procedures.
  • Community Resource Navigators – find suitable resources for people who need resources. This involves interacting directly with neighbors living outdoors.
  • Retention Liaisons – stay in touch with a few of the people we’ve helped into treatment or shelter or housing, acting like a buddy they can contact or who will contact them to ensure they’re still getting the support they need.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Coordinator – support our programs and operations by producing comprehensive written SOPs.

Apply Today!

We hope you decide to offer your valuable volunteer skills for a high impact volunteer role. Here is the application form to get the process started — choose either the fillable Word doc (which permits fuller answers so you can tell us more about yourself) or online form (which permits only shorter, single-paragraph answers but can be done more easily on a smartphone):

High-Impact Volunteer Application (short 1-paragraph answers only,
best suited for smartphone use):


Or you can scan this code:

Remember the Waiver

If you haven’t already completed the Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability form, please visit the main volunteer page and complete the Waiver.

What to Expect

Want to know what to expect after you apply? As a high impact volunteer candidate, you may be invited to interviews so we can get to know each other. Together, we will work on evaluating the best fit for volunteers who wish to take on a high impact volunteer role.

Get In Touch

If you want to ask questions or talk through any of this before filling out the application, please email your contact information to info@weheartseattle.org and ask for a callback about volunteering.

Thanks for your interest — let’s make Seattle the best it can be!