We Heart Seattle keeps showing up, looking to make a difference in our public spaces

We Heart Seattle was back at work this weekend clearing thousands more pounds of trash and needles from the NE Queen Anne Greenbelt trail.  Over the past few weeks, this all-volunteer group has cleared more than 35,000 pounds of trash from this site alone, a fraction of which you can see here.   

We Heart Seattle is actively seeking help from City stakeholders to support citizen-led clean-up efforts and is powered by the civic engagement their clean-up events are encouraging.  We Heart Seattle founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez commented “We are all just compassionate members of the community with a bias for action. We plan to keep showing up in parks like MacLean and the Greenbelt, making a difference.”  

Through their tireless boots on the ground presence in this area, We Heart Seattle established relationships with two individuals who had been living in the Greenbelt – both of whom were recently connected with low-income housing.  

We Heart Seattle welcomes collaboration with anyone and everyone in their effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all. To date, the group has organized more than 80 clean-up events across the city and is adding more to their calendar weekly.? 

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director, We Heart Seattle?



WHS Events:?www.facebook.com/groups/weheartseattle/events

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