We Heart Seattle keeps making a difference in Denny Park  

PRESS RELEASE – August 15, 2021?? We Heart Seattle was back in action this weekend at Denny Park connecting people with resources and offering a helping hand.  Having already cleared close to 30,000 pounds of trash from this park and the surrounding area, We Heart Seattle volunteers regularly visit Denny Park to help maintain the reclaimed urban oasis and engage with those who frequent the park. This past weekend, We Heart Seattle helped a couple in Denny Park lay plans to return to family outside of Seattle, and assisted a gentleman who wanted to relocate to a sanctioned encampment elsewhere in Seattle.  See the fruits of We Heart Seattle’s community engagement efforts here.  

We Heart Seattle founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez commented “We are all compassionate members of the community with a bias for action. We plan to keep showing up in Denny Park and other public spaces across the city to make a difference.”?  

??We Heart Seattle welcomes collaboration with anyone and everyone in their effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all. To date, the group has organized more than 80 clean-up events across the city and is adding more to their calendar weekly.?? 

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director, We Heart Seattle?? 


? Website:?www.WeHeartSeattle.org


WHS Events:?www.facebook.com/groups/weheartseattle/events  

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