We Heart Seattle clears more than 10,000 pounds of trash in two days, highlighting humanitarian and environmental crisis in our city

PRESS RELEASE – October 12, 2021? 

In a single day, We Heart Seattle cleared 6,500 pounds of trash from the ever-growing encampment at Dexter & Mercer.  Volunteers went on the next day to tackle massive mounds of trash and debris in historic Kinnear Park, hauling out an additional 3,800 pounds of trash. Again, making progress, but acknowledging the significant additional labor hours needed to fully restore Seattle’s second oldest park. 

While in Kinnear Park, We Heart Seattle called the Seattle Fire Department to extinguish a fire smoldering inside a lovely old tree which left unattended would have destroyed the tree and likely spread throughout the park. We Heart Seattle founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez commented “Some of the debris scatters I saw in the last few days are the worst I have ever seen.  And fires in trees? This all confirms without a doubt that we are facing a humanitarian and environmental crisis in this city.” See recent photos of We Heart Seattle’s boots on the ground work here

We Heart Seattle welcomes collaboration with anyone and everyone in their effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all.  

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director, We Heart Seattle?   


Press release photos courtesy of Garrett Padera 

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