We Heart Seattle tackles trash in Ballard while empowering individuals to be part of the solution 

PRESS RELEASE – October 29, 2021:

In a single day, We Heart Seattle cleared 4,000 pounds of trash from a street-side encampment in Ballard.  What made this October 23rd clean-up event particularly special was that people living on-site pitched in to help, hauling trash and discarded furniture to volunteer-driven trucks. Working side by side, the We Heart Seattle team also connected two individuals with resources allowing them to potentially relocate.  

We Heart Seattle Executive Director Andrea Suarez commented that “we were thrilled to be welcomed here today by the folks living on-site and felt the energy from working together.”  We Heart Seattle sees this individual engagement and empowerment as key to their success to date – success which includes clearing more than 300,000 pounds of trash and helping close to 70 people into safer conditions. Photos of the fruits of the group’s hard work on Sunday are here.  

We Heart Seattle welcomes collaboration with anyone and everyone in their effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all.   

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director 

We Heart Seattle


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