We Heart Seattle gains support from businesses and neighbors by continuing to go where others will not

PRESS RELEASE – November 16, 2021

After learning that some City trash removal contractors don’t clear slopes, We Heart Seattle swung into action this past weekend, removing 2500 pounds from the slopes of Kinnear Park. With this latest effort, the group has now cleared close to 10,000 pounds from that park in recent weeks. 

We Heart Seattle also teamed up this past weekend with Seattle Compassion Services to clear 4000 pounds of trash and debris from the Leary Triangle encampment in Ballard. While cleaning the area, volunteers from the two non-profit organizations actively engaged with residents of the encampment, many of whom worked side by side with the volunteers. 

We Heart Seattle founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez commented, “We are heartened by the support we are receiving from local businesses and neighbors. But we could be even more impactful if the City would embrace the important role that civic volunteerism can play in addressing the city’s ongoing environmental and humanitarian crisis.” Her comments follow Councilmember Dan Strauss’ attempts earlier this month to deter the organization from organizing litter picks and outreach in Ballard, despite strong support from local business and neighbors 

Recent photos of the group in action are here.  

We Heart Seattle welcomes collaboration with anyone and everyone in their effort to make Seattle beautiful and safe for all.   

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director 


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