We Heart Seattle joins forces with local businesses to tackle trash, while offering individuals a path to work  

PRESS RELEASE – December 15, 2021: We Heart Seattle recently teamed up with Hilton Garden Inn volunteers to remove 6500 pounds of trash from the Dexter and Mercer encampment.  Another day last week, We Heart Seattle removed 8000 pounds of wood, metal and debris from the RV camp on Northlake Way, working side by side with several RV residents along with individuals participating in We Heart Seattle’s innovative work first program. See the fruits of their hard work here.  

We Heart Seattle Board President Kevin Dahlgren commented “Local businesses are telling us that they are getting crushed by the sheer volume of trash and unauthorized parked vehicles and tents. We won’t stand by and do nothing in the midst of this environmental and humanitarian crisis.” Through a unique partnership with Uplift Northwest (formerly the Millionair Charity Club), We Heart Seattle is also leveraging its trash picks to introduce individuals back into the work force on a day-by-day basis.  

We Heart Seattle is a 501(1)(3) organization that welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone and everyone in furtherance of our mission of making Seattle safe and beautiful for all.  

Andrea Suarez, Executive Director 

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